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Only one Tx for two planes?

by Nameless

I bought a RTF-plane. You know it has everything you need, right? But, there are those "almost ready to fly" planes, where you need only to buy a TX.

Can I use ONE TX to control TWO planes? Example: use one plane until it runs out of battery, then change to other plane.

Do you need to have two transmitters for two planes?

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by: Matt

Short answer, yes you can use one transmitter with multiple airplanes. In fact most all decent computerized radios these days have multiple memory so you can just select the plane you want and go fly.

The bottom line is that you'll need a receiver for the second airplane that is compatible with your transmitter.

There are so many different types of radios these days. 72Mhz vs 2.4 Ghz. Then you have different modulation types between different brands.

To answer your question specifically you'll have to let us know exactly what RTF you have and what type of radio it uses.

by: Anonymous

Okay so I bought a Joysway Sprite 750 for beginning of this hobby. It has 2.4G transmitter like all the others. Then I saw planes, that weren't RTF-planes, but they were link&fly. So I was wondering that if you can buy them without buying transmitters. And also thanks for answering :)

Only one Tx for two planes
by: Anonymous

this is what you need for link&fly which i would think you tx will not work with
you need a proper tx thats made for use with many models like spektrum dx range

now if you got BNF with tx then that would of been a whole lot better as you get a real tx
this where you need to think past the first model you see and the shop should of given advice if you went to a shop

by: Nameless

I just looked up what BNF means. It sounds kinda perfect! Only bad thing is they were quite expensive for my wallet. Well, quality costs...

by: Matt

Bind and Fly is different than Link & Fly. If you're looking to buy planes in the future that you can just link up to with a common transmitter make sure you do your research on which brand you think you'll like the best before buying one.

Bind and Fly works with Horizon Hobby products such as Spektrum and JR. Link & Fly works with Axiom radios. These systems are not interchangeable.

Regardless of which brand you decide to go with, I'd suggest your next plane be a RTF that comes with a Transmitter compatible either BNF or Link & Fly receiver for your third plane.

Or as the previous gentleman suggested, you can purchase a decent basic computerized radio such as Spektrum or JR, or even Futaba and plug a Ripmax Any Link module into the back to allow you to fly any TX-R airplanes. This is Great Planes line of Transmitter Ready planes.

I hope this helps... Main thing is to do some more research on the items and brands I mention here before making any purchases. If you have any more questions please ask!

Good luck!

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