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Newb teen first time flying kit help

Here's the scoop. I work in the mental health field and am continuously looking for hobbies to get some of the kids I work with involved in. I know there are many hobbies out there, but there aren't so many that have the criteria I'm looking for.

Basically I need points covered. 1-It's exciting enough to get a child/teen suffering from a mental ailment (ex depression) involved in. 2-It's something that takes work to achieve. (Track for example may take skill to master, but doesn't take skill to accomplish on a base level.)

I want the client to put in effort and get results. 3-It's a hobby that takes work to master. 4-It's something that has continuous room for growth. With all that in mind, I've spent some time researching RC planes.

Some background here. I've never flown a plane or drown. The most I've done was some rc toy helicopters. I also am ok with my hands-not amazing.

The client here is a 14 year old child without experience in rc or flying. He's very good with building projects in general and enjoys a good puzzle. Here's my question(s): 1-Since I don't want to just give him a rtf plane, what can you recommend. I don't want it to be too difficult as he will lose interest while building it. I've seen some diy ideas like for example this!-(Flight-Pics-too!-and-now-Flight-Videos!)

Another option I came across was this

Also, what other supplies would I have to purchase? Last question, besides forums and the like, is there any book you can recomend for a such a child to learn about rc without being too detailed as to bore him?

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Flite Test is a great starter
by: rcdude07

For the price the Flite Test kits are probably going to be your best and most reliable options. The down side to this hobby is the up front cost of a good 6 channel transmitter and a good battery charger that has a storage charge feature.

I recommend a 6 channel TX because it will allow room for growth as a 4 channel system will quickly be outgrown these days.

Books are going to be really hard to come by. The technology is changing very rapidly, so online forums will be your best option for resources.

Building an r/c multirotor [drone is a bad word to describe what we do] requires a decent skill set of soldering small parts on small pads.

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