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Need some help with my father's planes

by Aaron
(Hawthorne, NJ USA)

I'm trying to sell my father's planes. About 16 of them. Do I need to worry about which controller is paired with which plane? Are the transmitters on each plane interchangeable?

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Not Really
by: rcdude07

Hi Aaron,

I'm sorry you are having to sell these items. In general you don't have to worry about the TX with the planes. Matter of fact, if you unplug all the wires from the RX in the plane, removing the RX and selling what is referred to as a PNP (plug 'n play) airframe will help sell them faster.

I'm guessing many of these TXes have silver antennas you pull out to be 5-6' in length and have big black numbers on them. These are known as 72MHz transmitters. They just don't sell well these days because most everyone is using 2.4GHz (transmitters with little black stubby antennas or no visible antennas at all). You may find a collector willing to buy the TXes, but it'll be hard.

TX and RX brands do matter. All manufacturers have little differences (both 2.4GHz and 72MHz) that prevents interchangeable use without tinkering.

I recommend you got to, find the events calendar link, then find a non-flying event (known as a swap shop) and setup a table there to sell the stuff. Or at least, find a local AMA club, contact them to help you locally price and distribute the items.

I'm interested in maybe buying a few
by: James

as long as you include a transmitter ( the RC radio
) it doesn't matter if it's the tight one I have plenty of freq. crystals rx tx to mate them! here is my email

tell # 011 52 664 201 6117

please give me a call or email me with photos of planes and acc. what you have and we ca come to a cost agreement and i'll wire you the cash .....

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