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my RC plane seems to not fly (please help)

by Oliver Shinn
(Harhoura Morocco)

Hi, I know that this may not be your main type of question but here we go. I recently purchase the RC Flight Test tiny trainer glider. I was super excited to fly it.

But when I threw it in the air it seemed to gain altitude then crashes into the ground. The battery was fully charged and the motor has more than enough power to fly the plane, (flight test power pack). Also, the plane seems to fly to the left.

This may be an issue with the height distribution but the plane just does not fly. I need help.

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Cgc throw, and thrust angle check
by: rcdude07

If your place climbed steeply then torqued over in a wing tip, it was a tip stall. If it climbed then flipped nose down, it stalled. First thing to do is check your CG. Center of gravity is measured from leading edge of the wing at the fuselage. Mark the location in the wing with a sharpie. You want it to be sightly nose down when checking.

Also, check your thrust angle. All motors will have torque, the angle is normally built into the firewall. But a few washers under the motor mount can fix an issue.

Make sure control surfaces are mechanically nuetral when power ison the ESC (battery connected). Ensure your throws are pet the manual and left vs right throw is as equal as possible.

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