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looking for accessories for older Helicopters

by D.J.
(Gaffney,SC USA)

Hello I have 2 helicopters that is making me pull my hair out looking for some parts for them.
One is a Dragon fly or schweizer 300 c heli that calls for a 27Mhz transmitter(green sticker with 27mhz shown on the receiver.Anyone have an idea where or who I could get one from?? I have checked several of the major dealers and they are out of stock and getting more dont look good.

The other heli is a radio road toys model hk-30.I need the main blades for it.The company is still in business but they dont make helicopters any more.Anyone have an idea where I could find these or anyone who might have them??

Any help would be appreciated and I thank you in advance.


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Sounds like toy grade quality with no aftermarket
by: rcdude07

These sound like toy grade helis that don't get after market support. I would check with micro heli or A Main Hobbies

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