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Linking & Binding Transmitter to Receivers

by Neil Tyler
(Rothwell Qld Australia)

I have an impossible problem. 2 Futaba Transmitters and 1 Spektrum will not bind or link. All Transmitters indicate they are sending (1x Futaba T10CHG; 1 Futaba T6EX; 1 Spektrum DX7) (Receivers 3 x Futaba R617FS; 1 Futaba R6303SB) and a friend tried 2 Orange Receivers)

Nothing seems to work. Batteries all good & Charged Receivers Blink Red Then hold on steady Red. No green. The office has 2 computers all WIF to an ADSL; fluorescent lighting and other computer machinery all giving off radio interference.

Now could this interference be the cause of my problem, or could it be the receivers are o/o/o. Mine could be but my mates 2 work from his Transmitter at his home.


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Brands not cross compatible
by: rcdude07

I see you mention Futuba and Spektrum. Please be aware that these are two separate brands with their own proprietary protocols. Futaba RX will only bind to Futaba TX (or appropriate module if hacked into a TX) and Spektrum will only bind to Spektrum (or compatible DSM/DSM2/DSMX module if hacked into a TX).

To further complicate the Futaba situation they have multiple protocols: FHSS, S-FHSS, FASST, FASSTest. Not all Futaba TX support all these protocols, same with the RXes. Check which protocols are supported by your equipment.

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