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HZ Mini Apprentice S issues

by Jimmy

My nephew was flying his Mini Apprentice S float plane today and it took a nose dive into the water. The glue that holds the battery compartment into the body of the plane either failed or became dislodged as a result. His plane is no longer flyable until he can find some sort of glue to hold it in place. Is there a special glue that I can use like a marine glue or can I use crazy/gorilla glue?

Also almost all his decals have become dislodged from various flights, no crashing or anything. The adhesive holding them down has failed numerous times and we've had to cut the decals off the plane to keep them from flapping in the wind.

He's also had issues with the way the plane taxis, we've had to make all kinds of adjustments to get the rudder and tail straight so it would fly straight. Even after numerous adjustments, it has a tendency to taxi left. It flies straight but taxis left.

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by: rcdude07

Foam Tac glue strengthened with toothpick or skewers.

Sounds like the nose wheel is off centered or is bent.

3M spray adhesive will help with the decals.

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