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Hobbyzone super cub prop runs all the time

by Gary
(Minnesota )

I have a supercub from Hobbyzone. I have been flying it for two months now. I went to fly it today and when I turned the Spektrum DX4e on then plugged the battery in the propeller runs full blast even when the lever is down. I started all over again and it did the same thing. Any answers?

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Things to check
by: rcdude07

Things to check:
1. Rebind for sanity purposes
2. Fail safe setup correctly
3. Throttle channel reversed?
4. ESC programmed correctly?
5. Is TX in low power mode for range checking?

Cub runs all the time
by: Anonymous

Disconnect your ESC from the receiver, and connect it to a servo tester. If the servo tester controls it OK, then you most likely have a setup or programming problem. If it still runs full blast all the time, then your ESC is bad.

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