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HobbyZone Cub Servo Flutter

by Tom
(England )

When the rudder servo is not connected up to anything, it moves freely and fine.

However when I connect it up to the horn on the rudder at the back of the plane, and Apply right turn with the transmitter, it won't go all the way to the right and it flutters badly.

It works fine when centered or turned to the left. I only got this cub yesterday, could it be the servo not being strong enough or a wrong angle somewhere?

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Bad servo?
by: rcdude07

When you say it moves freely, do you hear a noise when you move the servo? You should. Freely would indicate no resistance and a bad servo.

Check your throws left and right from center. These should be labeled in the manual. Should move same amount left and right.

Could be pushrod binding when pushing right

Rudder problem
by: Anonymous

How stiff is the rudder hinge?
It sounds like the servo is being over loaded simply trying to move the rudder.
All control surfaces should move as freely as possible otherwise part of the servo power is simply wasted and you risk damaging the servo.

Mine too
by: Anonymous

Hopefully this helps. I have the same plane and mine does this as well. The beginner and intermediate mode on this will adjust control surfaces based on plane attitude. The manual says to let it sit 5 min.
after hooking up battery to adjust. I find 30 seconds is about all it takes but mine definitely flutters until it gets situated. Try the 3 settings and see if it makes a difference.

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