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Hobby King J3 Cub 1400mm problems

Okay so I've recently purchased the 1400mm HK J3 cub. Got it all assembled and I have a problem.

I have the HK Orange RX dsm2 comparable and I plugged in the aileron, elevator, and rudder into the RX. Then here is where I have the problem.

The ESC plugs into the throttle spot on the RX, but there is an extra plug in coming from the nose of the plane too. So I have 5 sets of wires coming into the esc. And then I hooked my bind plug in and it binded perfectly to my DX6i.

The light stopped flashing in the RX and all the servos work great. But I'm not getting any motor.

I've tried different configurations and none of them get the motor to budge. I'm just wondering why there is an extra set of wires coming from the front of the plane besides the esc since the motor should be plugged into that.

All electronics besides the RX and battery were preinstalled. Maybe it's just something dumb that I'm doing. Please help!!!

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It's HK
by: rcdude07

I'm going to start this response with a disclaimer: you get what you pay for at HK and I refuse to give them my business.
With that said, let's see if I can help you.

Without a picture it's hard to understand what you are describing. RC motors have 3 leads that connect to the ESC. Typically red, blue or black, and white. These typically have bullet connectors. The ESC has 3 motor wire leads and a servo wire. The servo wire connects to the RX in the throttle slot.

Do you have what looks like 3 motor leads and a servo wire? The ESC needs to be mounted somewhere it will get good airflow. This will prevent the ESC from overheating and literally burning up. The ESC may be mounted up in the nose near the motor to increase airflow over the ESC.

If you trace the wires the best you can, do you see where/what they are connected to?

There is an off chance that there could be telemetry modules running to the motor and esc. But on a "beginner" type of aircraft like a J-3, I would be surprised if this is the case.

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