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Having one hour flytime with a flying wing

by Alex jeyho

Hi there

I`m asked to make a flying wing that must be able to fly for 1 hour...
I can design and make wings with balsa wood at any size.... But the plane`s span must be less than 3m....
When I say 1 hour flight time, I mean a flying with lowest speed possible.... So no pressure to the motor....

What is in my mind is:

3520 400kv motor with a 15.5*5 prop
11000mah 15c 6s lipo battery
2.5m span with 40cm root and 20cm tip completly like skywallker x8 but with 2.5 span
plane will weigh 3.5kg with this setup

70% I`m wrong at choosing the parts :)
So can you help to reach my goal?

Also you can make me helped in this way:
How much thrust do I need for make a plane in this size glide?
If I know this, I can know the mah of battery as it makes that thrust and so on....

I uploaded the motor details here blow

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Use Motocalc
by: rcdude07

You're best bet is to use various tools online motocalc where you can type in all the known parameters to find the missing one.

Electric endurance flying
by: Simon Chaddock

As you are working to a span limitation weight is your enemy. Less weight, slower speed, slower sink rate. Remember power to fly is directly proportional to the planes sink rate and weight.

I helps if the plane is stable enough to fly itself as much as possible with only the minimum control movements. A flying wing may not be the most efficient configuration to achieve this.

My advice would be to explore foam construction and in particular built up structures using thin sheet foam like Depron.

By developing ever more efficient structures I have ended up with a perfectly flyable conventional plane (it can be safely looped and rolled) with a modest 1220 mm span than weighs only 430g with a 5000 mAh 2s battery. It can maintain height drawing just 1A so it can fly for much longer than one hour!

In fact repeated 1 hour flights followed by recording the mAh required to fully recharge the battery were used to measure each improvement I made to the plane. I eventually got it to fly for exactly one hour using just 987 mAh gives an average current of 0.987 A.

Electric Endurance flying
by: Anonymous

Weight is your enemy for endurance flying.
The power to fly is directly proportional to the planes weight and its sink rate. Its sink rate is a function of speed so for endurance slow and light.

My advice would be to explore using foam particularly built up structures using sheet foam like Depron. Light weight means you can use a smaller motor and battery and you can use smaller servos too.

I helps if the plane flies itself with the minimum of control inputs. I am not sure a flying wing is the best configuration in this respect.

Using 2 mm Depron with just a minimum of balsa reinforcing my conventional 1220 mm span "Endurance" is perfectly flyable , it can be safely looped and rolled, weighs just 430 g with a 5000 mAh 2s yet it can maintain height drawing an average of just 1 A. As a result it can fly for much longer than 1 hour!

It all comes down to weight.

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