Gas to Electric RC airplane converting.

by Bob Hernndez
(Minneapolis, MN USA)

I imagine you get this question a lot. My Goldberg Eagles 2 has a OS 46 gas engine. I Would like to convert it to a electric brushless motor. Would like recommendation on converting components. There are a lot of articles on figuring out the math. To much for me. Also, can I still use my Airtronics Vanguard FM radio? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes to everything
by: rcdude07

Yes you can convert to electric. Use a tool like motoCalc to get a rough idea. For a while Horizon Hobby tried to label their electric motors similar to their glow motors (ex: 15 size e-motor ~ 15 glow). But it's not 100% accurate. The biggest issue switching to e-power from nitro is the planes are heavier (built heavy from beginning) so you end up having to add a significant amount of nose weight to balance the plane gone e-powered and the recommended e-motor may prove to be close to under powered.

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