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Flyzone Cessna 182 Insufficient Power for Flight

Have an old Flyzone Cessna 182. Factory setup. Old batteries but they appear to be at appropriate voltage and holding charge with no load.

That's the question. There is insufficient power for flight. Taxi's all over but no lift off. No flight when hand launched.

Is it the batteries?
8.4v 2/3a 7cell 1100 mAh NiMH or is the ESC faulty?

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Power calculations
by: Mike

If it flew before, it sounds like the motor is suspect? It sounds like an old can motor set-up??

I had a similar problem, all appeared ok. but a previously good flyer failed to take off. The amps reading was way below that needed.

Either way I would recommend a Watts Meter. You don't need to be an electronic wiz to make these work for you. Here's my way and it works.
No1.Weigh the aircraft!
Providing its not a jet or ducted fan aim for 100watts per lb or 6.25watts per ounce.

So lets say it weighs 18oz

18X 6.25 = 112 watts (rounded)
Now we know what we need to see on the watts meter.
Remember volts, times amps, =watts

so lets say we have an 11v battery, 112/11= 10amps near enough 10 x 11 = 110 watts increase the amps if you need to.

You now know the motor must be rated above 112 watts. You can also work out the battery size needed to supply this power, but I'll end here, if anybody wants this, let me know.
Happy landings
cheers mike

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