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Flying advice for EDF Jets

by David
(Gardnerville, NV )

I have been flying for about two years, I have several warbirds, and can fly them fairly well,

I recently purchased E-Flites F-15 EDF, and was wondering, if anybody had any advice on flying a EDF Jet, before I fly it, I would greatly appreciate any advice.

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Podcasts to help you
by: rcdude07

Jump to the 1 hour mark of this podcast:

You didn't mention if you have the PNP or BNF version. If BNF, make use of the SAFE and you should be okay to learn. Be sure to ween yourself off SAFE. The biggest thing with an EDF is to think ahead of the plane. EDF and turbine don't product automatic power as there is spool up time. So think ahead about the power needed, and think ahead about how long it will take to slow down/spool down too.

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