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Electric Brushless Motor Won't Turn

by Mark

I recently bought an ARF C182 from Lanyu.... I charged the batt, set up everything, and all is good, except that there is no rotation of the motor!

I have checked, re-checked, and checked again, all the connections, and the correct colour wiring etc...
I also switch on the Tx first, then connect the Lipo batt. The beeping sounds sound correct -
Still - no power....

Please help!!

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by: Anonymous

Try turning on transmitter push throttle all way up plug in battery(make sure you have hold of plane and fingers away from prop)then put throttle down some brands worth this way

Try arming, try different servo
by: rcdude07

As mentioned prior, you may need to arm the ESC first. In order to arm, hold the aircraft firmly away from the prop, move throttle stick to full throttle, wait for a beep or two, then lower throttle to off. Then test throttle response.

If this doesn't work, unplug the motor from the throttle spot on the RX and try a different servo plugged in there to ensure the channel on the RX is working.

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