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Dynam P 51 with electronic retracts help left landing gear won't open

by Ben

I have a Dynam P 51 with electronic retracts that bought used a few weeks ago. Got a Spektrum DX5E DXMS Mode 2 with a Spektrum AR6100 6 channel receiver. I'm new at this level of RC and this is the first plane I've owned so I'm still learning about all this.

The issue is that the right retractable landing gear is stuck retracted in the wing. The other functions properly, all with all other features (throttle, rudder, etc.).

I powered on an went to check the landing gears and both retracted except one didn't close all the way into the wing. Set the to open and both went down fine, then retracted again and both went up fine. Tried opening and only the one on the left wing opened and the other is stuck and fails to come down.

It's not blocked/obstructed by any part of the foam wing, and makes one or two small electronic noises like it wants to work when I send the signal to it. I unscrewed it from the wing and still didn't work, then tried to manually assist and didn't help either.

Like I said I am a beginner and still learning the technical aspects of all of this, but I really need help figuring this out. Not sure if it's a bad retract, over current, my rx or tx, or something completely different.

It is connected with a Y harness into the rx. 1100 mah battery and pretty sure it has ESC

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NO P-51 for a first plane
by: rcdude07

First, let me say do yourself a favor and put the P-51 away until you are more experienced. I have 30 years in the hobby and can tell you the P-51 is horrible to learn on. Do yourself a favor and get a T-28 or high wing trainer (J-3 Cub, Apprentice, Easy Star, etc...)

Have you ensured the battery was fully charged?
Outside of this test, sounds like you have a defective retract. It's always possible to end up with defective equipment from any manufacturer.

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