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Cost of Flying RC

by Skip
(Golden Valley, AZ)

Today is the last day of my being able to enjoy our hobby of RC Airplanes. Being retired and on a fixed income, the cost of membership to the AMA and all the subs you need to belong to has finally gotten to the point of no return.

With the cost of equipment, fuels, ect. then the cost of like I wrote, the AMA, it is just to much for this old man. The dream of having time to enjoy the hobby, time to build and fly, well that has had to come to an end.

I hope many of you will be able to continue, I also hope the young folks coming into the hobby can continue to afford it. Seems like over the last few years cost of kits has soared, with all these ARF's,the completed models with electric, it has just gone crazy in price.

Good Luck to those who can continue and not go in the hole with the cost.

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cost of rc flying in retirement
by: Anonymous

yes... i have to sympathise with you here....i have retired now for about 18 months and although i have some savings...i am finding that the money seems to go very quickly.....i guess that there are things you can do for free....goodluck and enjoy.

AMA Membership fees
by: Tripod

I started this hobby about a year and a half ago and was imeadiately SHOCKED at how expensive it can be. Unfortunetly,most clubs are charter members of AMA which REQUIRE you to pay and join AMA.While the AMA does some good things, I would like to have more choices in clubs that don't require AMA membership.I think all the hype about the insurance the AMA provides is over done.In addition, alot of "AMA" charter clubs have over priced membership dues as well.I wish I knew some one with a few acres of cleared land that would allow RC pilots to fly on it.Until then I'll have to "bite the bullet" on about the $200.00 per year for AMA and Club dues plus have enough money to keep my planes in flying condition.Crashes can get real expensive too. Unfortunetly, I've taken the "Walk of Shame" more then I'd like to admit.

AMA Cost
by: Matt

I agree this hobby can be a money pit!

I don't like paying dues either. Who does?

But I believe we need to support the AMA now more than ever! With all these idiots doing wreckless things with drones (quadcopters) we need the AMA there to fight for our right to fly our airplanes!

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