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Converted Midwest Super Hots 60

by Ken
(El Cajon, CA)

Originally built around 1989 and powered with a Super Tigre .60, I recently converted my Super Hots to electric power and completely finished it.

I used a Hobby People G-46 motor, a Castle Creations 75 amp Edge ESC, and a Thunder Power 5S/4500 mAh battery. Control is my good old Airtronics RDS8000.

The modifications I made were to add an air scoop under the cowl and access hatches for the battery and motor. The balance point came out exactly spot on, and I actually dropped a couple ounces of weight!

It flies even more smoothly now than it did before, and it still has all of the great flying characteristics of the design!

The G-46 gives it PLENTY of power for all of the aerobatics it can do, and it flies as if it were on rails - absolutely predictable, and with NO bad habits!

Comments for Converted Midwest Super Hots 60

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by: RCWings

Thanks for sharing Ken!

Right in time for Spring too. Perfect timing.

Do you have any video's of her in action? Would love to see!

Weight Saving, Power, Cost and wait times
by: Chris Knee

Please share the actual weights, costs, etc of all the components used. I am surprized that the electric conversion was lighter.

Something like this:

Super Tigre 60 xx.x ounces
Engine mount xx.x ounces
Tank with fuel xx.x ounces
Propellor xx.x ounces
Servo and pushrod xx.x ounces

Motor xx.x ounces
Motor mount xx.x ounces
Propellor xx.x ounces
ESC xx.x ounces
Battery xx.x ounces

by: Ken

Where you read "I recently converted my Super Hots to electric power and completely finished it." in my Super Hots post, it should read "...and completely RE-finished it. And, sorry, I have no videos yet, but maybe I can get a fellow club member to do it!

Sorry, Chris
by: Ken

To Chris Knee - VERY sorry I didn't keep records of the glow version, & I can't give you many specifics on the new without disassembling everything. The Hobby People 5S/4500mAh battery weighs 17.4 oz., the ESC is a Castle Creations Edge 75 amp, the prop is an APC electric 12" x 8", and I am using 3 Airtronics Standard servos (Used to be 4 with the glow throttle). Original covering was Monokote, but now it's Ultracote. And I really have no idea of the all-up costs. Hope this helps a bit, though!

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