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Castle ESC Problems

by David

I seem to have intermittent failures on launch when using the Castle Phoenix Edge ESC. Is this a common problem?

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What problems
by: rcdude07

You don't provide enough information to help. Please answer the following questions:

What type of problems are you seeing?

What RX are you using and is it flashing any lights upon failure?

Are you arming the ESC prior to launch?

Additional Information
by: David

The radio link is fine to the airframe, which is hand launched by throwing level with the ground. This works 85% of the time, then on other times it would not.

The ESC would work fine in preflight testing however when launching the ESC would not provide power/amps to the motor thereby failing to launch.
The ESC does not present any of the warning beeps so everything seems normal.

I have had a thought that due to hand launching if the airframe is held too long the ESC might go into a soft cut off. I will investigate this further and look out for other possible ideas from the forum, thanks.

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