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Battery Size for Twin Pusher

by rabar

I have made a plane body twin boom pusher. The wing span is 90 cm. I have a 30 amp ESC, a 1045 prop with 1000 kv motor. My weight is 700 grams.

So do u think it will work with 2 cell or 3 cell battery?

What is the mistake I have done?

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working out power needs
by: mike

My way is to use the weight 700grams + battery??
With this type of plane go for 100 watts per 500grams so lets go for a target power of 150 watts
Lets say you want around 7 minutes minimum flight time.
Go for a 3 cell 11v battery. 150 watts/10v =15amps
Allowing for some power reduction during flight.
Remember amps x volts = watts.
You are looking to get 15amps from your motor don't forget it needs to be ok to handle 150 watts ++ so say 150 to 200 watts to be safe.

With the right prop and motor lets say you get your 15amps. How long will the flight time be if you run at this rate from start to finish.?

A 2.2 mah x 11v will give 2.2 watts for 1 hour.

or 2.2 x 7 = around 15amps for 8mins (60/7)

so a 3cell 2.2mah X 11v should give you enough power for at least 8 minutes more if you reduce power when you can. You need to know what power your prop choice and motor are producing, a watts meter is essential, don't guess!!
Make sure your balance point, C of G is around 25% of your wing cord from leading edge, no more if hand launching. Your extra battery weight will help you achieve this. Mine usually go in the nose. Balance is most important!! Hope this helps. happy flying mike (England)

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