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Adding a motor to a glider

by Philip
(United Kingdom)


I Built a fairly large RC glider with approximately a 1.5m wingspan a couple of years ago, but I'm planning on some tinkering. I want to add a motor module so that I can fly on windless days, gaining altitude with the motor and then gliding back down.

I have absolutely no experience when it comes to motors and propellers etc. I've bought all the parts I need to make the modifications and I'm pretty comfortable with the electronics.

The problem is that the only suitable place to add the engine module is on top of the plane just behind the wing. My worry would be than this could push the nose down a fair amount.

The propeller is 7" with a 2200kv motor, so will be about 3.7" above the wing. Will this make a significant difference or will the size of the plane and the positioning of the motor mean that it would be unlikely to push the nose down. Thoughts?

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Just get the thrust line right
by: rcdude07

If you get the thrust line right, it won't be an issue. Do some research on planes with motor pods like the Flyzone Tidewater, Bixler style aircraft, etc...

You have to get the thrust line right.

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