E-flight delta ray is an excellent trainer

by Jon batf
(Albuquerque nm)

3 flight modes and panic recovery. Inexpensive to purchase and repairs can be performed in minutes. Replacement parts are extremely inexpensive

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How's She Fly?
by: Allen

Hi Jon,

Thanks for sharing.

Was the E-Flight Delta Ray your first RC airplane? If so, how long did it take you to learn to fly it? Did you have help from an experienced pilot?

Will the plane fly inverted? How fast will it go? What type of aerobatics is it capable of?

If you have any video to share that would be great!

I am really thinking of getting one for my nephew for his birthday.

delta ray reply
by: Jon Batt

The delta ray is not my first plane but is the first one I've been able to fly as often as I like without crashes or other discouraging incidents.

They come with 3 flight modes, beginner, intermediate and advanced. In the beginner mode plane takes off and lands by just adjusting throttle and pointing it in the right direction. If u over control or correct it will ignore the input and maintain safe flight attitude.

Will fly very slow or at a pretty exciting pace. Intermediate mode allows more aggressive flight but still self levels if not given input. And in advanced mode it will fly inverted easily and has no problem with other stunts. This thing has been beyond fun. U won't be disappointed.

Landing gear works well on hard surfaces or hand launches and grass landings are super smooth for park flight.

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