Having one hour flytime with a flying wing

by Alex jeyho

Hi there

I`m asked to make a flying wing that must be able to fly for 1 hour...
I can design and make wings with balsa wood at any size.... But the plane`s span must be less than 3m....
When I say 1 hour flight time, I mean a flying with lowest speed possible.... So no pressure to the motor....

What is in my mind is:

3520 400kv motor with a 15.5*5 prop
11000mah 15c 6s lipo battery
2.5m span with 40cm root and 20cm tip completly like skywallker x8 but with 2.5 span
plane will weigh 3.5kg with this setup

70% I`m wrong at choosing the parts :)
So can you help to reach my goal?

Also you can make me helped in this way:
How much thrust do I need for make a plane in this size glide?
If I know this, I can know the mah of battery as it makes that thrust and so on....

I uploaded the motor details here blow

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Use Motocalc
by: rcdude07

You're best bet is to use various tools online motocalc where you can type in all the known parameters to find the missing one.


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