Tuning problem - OS Fx .91

by Ted
(Florence, AZ)

I have 6 years RC experience and 15 planes with a mix of 2 and 4 strokes, mostly O.S.

The problem is my 2 O.S. Fx .91 two stroke engines. I love 'em, but I'm having problems. They are both on warbirds. I like to use 15X6 props, 3 line fuel tanks and 20 - 20 fuel.

They run terrific for several minutes, but then I've had dead sticks on both. I've spent lots of time tuning high and low needles. Now I think the problem is something else.

I rebuilt the fuel tanks - same problem. I have now pulled those engines and replaced them with 4 strokes. What do I need to do to make those 2 engines run well?


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