Precision Flying and Engine Thrust Angles!

by Cedric Martin
(San Diego, CA)

Do Pattern Flyers, those who fly Scale Aerobatics and 3D flyers, ever have a need, or a desire, to be able to change the engine thrust angles mid competition.

I have to believe that for any of the above competitions, a model has to be set up as neutral as possible. Would this not include having the correct thrust angles dialed in?

Do changing wind conditions, temperatures and humidity, have any effect on these precision models that a slight change in thrust angles might overcome?

I am asking these questions, because I have designed and patented a new engine mount. This mount will allow you to adjust both horizontal and vertical thrust angles quickly, and accurately to within 1/4°. You DO NOT have to take the motor out of the airplane and the center point of the spinner backplate, never leaves the centerline of the airplane, regardless of how much offset you dial in. That would include up to 8° both horizontally and vertically, if you ever needed that much.

I am NOT trying to sell anything here! I am merely interested in gathering information. I would like opinions about whether there is still a market for a motor mount with the capabilities of the one I have designed and patented.

With an abundance of ARF models being sold today, these models, along with some kits, already have thrust angles built into the firewall. But who decides what that thrust angle should be? Though I have looked on the internet, I cannot find a magic formula for calculating thrust, or engine offset angles.

And, what if you decide that instead of that gas engine up front, you would rather install a quieter, less messy electric motor. Does that not change parameters? I think it does!
So, for all of you who have a neutral (90°) firewall in your model, or would modify your model's firewall to a neutral condition, I have a motor mount that will set you free.

Let me have your feedback! I am interested in what you have to say!

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