Passing of a fellow RC enthusiast & his celebration of life

by Andi C.
(Cabot AR)

Hello all,

My name is Andi & I'm writing about the death of my dad, known in other forums as Sonsight

I am the (step)daughter of Jake (Sonsight), who was a member of the Christan Modelers Forum, as well as RCUniverse and some others.

Dad died suddenly this past Tuesday January 5th, and my family is reeling from the shock, pain, and emptiness.

I know dad was an active member of the forum, and we wanted to let you/other members know about his passing.

We lost my mom's father just 5 weeks ago and we are now very heavily burdened. We have set up a go fund me account in dad's memory to try & pay for the funeral costs, and possibly support my mother with any left over funds. There's a link at the bottom.

If you could please spread the word to other forum members and/or post the link to the go fund me I've included below in other forums you might've seen my dad in our entire family would sincerely appreciate it.

Additionally, if you'd like the funeral information, I can provide that as well.

Thank you for your time & support

Andi C.

Go Fund Me link:

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