Part List Required for Beginners wanting to fly FPV planes

by Doug
(BC, Canada)


I'm new to the RC world. I am eager to research which parts would be best to use but because I just starting out and have no previous experience I don't even know what parts I would need.

I am hoping someone would be kind enough to draft a list of parts required to build a fully operational FPV plane and may be a very brief description of what they do.

Example (intentionally super basic):
- Radio, controller that controls the plane during flight.
- FPV Camera, captures what the plane see in real time.
- ect, ect ect.

I've found it difficult to find guide which spell out what exactly is needed. There is a lot of discussion about different parts and receivers but I don't know enough to know if what they are talking about is something I need, or do i need a separate receiver for the radio and the fpv camera to googles or does it all work off one antenna. So a list of everything you would need to get flying with a brief description would help me understand the responsibilities of each part.

Thanks in advance!

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