Largest/Most Powerful Available EDFs

by Rasmus


I'm fairly new to EDFs, but I've looking for a large and powerful EDF/motor combination, and finding anything larger than a 127 mm/12 pounds combo on any common hobby sites is difficult. I've been looking at the HET 800-73-590Kv; 15s 18-20 pounds of thrust combo, but I've seen people use even more powerful combinations, such as a TP-5670-7Y-554kv Nano-tech 18s/8ah combo, with up to 22 pounds of thrust, which is pretty neat.

That's what I found from looking around, but these are just some examples. However, do you guys know of any even more powerful EDFs? What are the most powerful EDFs available? For my application the larger and more powerful, the better :)


(PS. Sorry if I've mixed up any of the terminology here. Still learning, and just doing some "market research".)

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