Chuck Cunningham's Big Lazy Ace Engine Selection

by Doug(Dougal) cummings
(Udon Thani Thailand)

I have been modelling and flying all my life with a few forced stops here and there.I have only ever built one kit,my first,a KKPhantom with a K 1.9 power.

That was when I was 15 and still going (slower !!!) at 81 yrs now.So you might think ,oh you know it all,but far from it,you never stop learning,or thats what it should be.

So here I am on a great forum and I have a small problem/question-------

I want to build the Chuck Cunningham's Big Lazy Ace.Now this is the middle one of the 3 and is 84" span.

Now somewhere I have seen a ref to a Quadra 60 for this size and as I wanted to put my DA50 in it thought it would be good to go but having got the plan in front of me it looks as though I may have problems with weight ,power ,even physical size,although I think it would be easy to solve the latter.

I can cut down on the power but the weight could be the big problem.As a last resort I may put my OS 60 in the smaller 76 span Lazy ace .Can anyone here offer any advice or suggestions on this.

I would be very grateful for any input as you will appreciate this is something that could end up as an insurmountable problem once built. thanks in advance


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